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9mX9m Angled-style Expansion Joints

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Business Overview Contents

Contributing to the world with Neuron Technology.

There is nothing excellent than the human beings in the creatures when conceive manufacturing.

We are aiming to create supreme plant system like [Neuron]…

Expansion joints; these are installed everywhere in the pipe-line from the familiar lifeline, energy to the space industries.
Neuron Technology will generate brand-new plant system that next generation seek throughout our high level craftsmanship of piping, forming and welding being accumulated for many years and considerable engineering of designing, analysis, inspection and measurement.

Expansion Joints (Bellows Type -Metal-)
Expansion Joints (Non-metal Type)
Bellows (by Roll forming system)
Bellows (by Hydroforming system)
Bellows (by Urethane forming system)
Large diameter Pipes
(High-alloy, Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel)
Flexible Tubes
Teflon Tubes and Bellows
Dampers (Large Diameter Valves)
Bulge Hydroforming Products/Special Pressure Vessels
Autoclaves, Gloveboxes

2D, 3D (AutoCAD/SolidWorks)
Stress Analysis
Finite Element Method (ANSYS, Abaqus)
For Pipes (Auto PIPE)
Metal Analysis
Component/Structure (Alloy Analyzer, Ferrite Scope, Echo Chip)
Fatigue Test
Deflection/Vibration (X-axis, Y-axis, X&Y-axis, Vibration)
Pressure Test
Pressurization (by Water and/or Air)
LAir-tightness Test
Vacuum (Helium Leak Detector)
Three-dimensional Measurement
3D Measuring system (LASER Tracker)

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