Plant Certification/Technicians

Plant Certification/Technicians

Plant Certification

  • [MIAC] Fire Service Act Dangerous Items Facility-Use Flexible Tube Coupling Performance Rating
  • [METI] Electricity Business Act Welding Certified Factory
  • [MHLW] Class 1 Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Certified Factory, Boiler Vessel Certified Factory
  • [ClassNK] Shipboard Machine Use Approved
  • [HPGSIJ] Welding Certified
  • [JWWA] Inspection Certified Factory


“The unbroken passing down of the artisanal skills of tubemaking/forming/welding”. This is the foundational mission of our Manufacturing Department.
We are committed to a detailed training curriculum for each individual person’s skill improvement.

Welding Qualifications

  • Nippon Kaiji Kyokai Certified Welders
  • Japan Petroleum Institute Welders
  • Ordinary-class Boiler Welders
  • JIS Stainless Steel Welders (Basic)
  • JIS Stainless Steel Welders (Specialist)
  • JIS Semi-automatic Welders (Basic)
  • JIS Semi-automatic Welders (Specialist)
  • Non-destructive Inspection Qualified Engineers
  • Welding Engineer (Level 1 Welding Engineer)
  • Arc-welding Instructor

Affiliated Associations

From welding to plastic working, these are the employees of each association, adopting the most up-to-date information.

  • General Incorporated Association – Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity
  • General Incorporated Association – Society of Piping Engineers
  • General Incorporated Association – Japan Boiler Association
  • General Incorporated Association – Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering Society
  • General Incorporated Association – Osaka Welding Engineers Society
  • General Incorporated Association – Vacuum Society of Japan

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