Corporate History


Corporate History

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Establishment of Iwamoto Tekkosho at Osaka

Sep. 1973

Incorporation of the company

Aug. 1983
Capital Increase 1

Capital increased to 10 million Yen

Sep. 1994
Change of Premises 1

Moved to Shijyonawate city, Osaka

Oct. 1996
Capital Increase 2

Capital increased to 20 million Yen

Dec. 1999
Jan. 2000 Name Change 1

Company Name Change to “NIPPON SHINSYUKU-KAN CO., LTD.” Trademark “NEURON ” registered


Newly Open Tokyo office at Shinagawa

May 2001

Newly Open New 2nd factory at Shijyonawate

Jul. 2001
Change of Premises 2

Move to Daito-City, Osaka

Jun. 2004
Oct. 2005 Linkage

“Management Innovation Plan” approved by SME (Osaka pref.)

Apr. 2006 Linkage

Collaboration with Doshisya Univ.

Change of Premises 3

Moved to Keihanna Science City in Kyoto. Constructed new factories of “NEURON LAB A & B”

Jul. 2007 Award

Approved “Kyoto Welfare Town Creation Ordinance” company

Oct. 2007 ISO

Obtained the ISO9001 Certificate

Capital Increase 3

Capital increased to 30 million Yen

Feb. 2008
Jul. 2008 Award

Offered letters of appreciation from JAEA, KEK & J-PARC

Capital Increase 4

Issued private placement bonds of 99 million yen

Aug. 2008
Mar. 2009 Award

Selected to “Job Creating 1400 Companies” by MTEI

Jun. 2010 Award

Awarded “Kyoto Environmental Top Runner”


Approval of “Specified R&D Plan”

Jan. 2011 Linkage

Collaboration with Kyoto Univ. / Uji Campus

Mar. 2011 Linkage

Collaboration with “Joining and Welding Research Institute Osaka Univ.”


Business Successin of TASCO (Dampers)

Jun. 2011
Jul. 2011 Linkage

Approval of “Enforcement of Private enterprises for R&D”


Expansion New factory “NEURON LAB C factory”

Oct. 2011
Dec. 2011 Award

Awarded “A Blue-tip Company” by Kyoto pref.

Apr. 2012 Award

Offered letters of appreciation from Hitachi Engineering and Service

Jun. 2012 Name Change 2

Company Name Change to “NEURON JAPAN CO., LTD.

Aug. 2012 Linkage

Began accepting internships from
Nara College of Technology and others

Feb. 2013 Linkage

Awarded Kyoto SME Excellent Technology Prize


Incorporation of “PT Rainbow NEUTEX Engineering” in Indonesia

Sep. 2013

Incorporation of “NEUTEX Advanced Engineering Sdn Bhd” in Malaysia

Jan. 2014

Launching PE Business Department with newly developed expansion joints for Ultra High Pressure applicatioin.

Apr. 2015 Linkage

Began joint research with the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization,
began new joint research with the Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University,
and began new joint research with
Doshinsha University’s Department of Science and Engineering

Jul. 2015 Linkage

Obtained the“Eco Action 21”


Incorporation of the “City Water Pipeline Department”

Aug. 2015


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