Company Creed/Corporate Philosophy

Company Creed/Corporate Philosophy

Company Creed

Be Comfortable!

Our belief is “Be Comfortable!””.
Our belief is in hope of respect for human being’s hearts.
We want to give top priority to the subtleties of feeling of people we meet through business.
Needless to say, this shall be true of not only clients (vendors, subsidiaries and customers) but also our staffs.

On the one hand of real business, we are amid of battles of seeking profits as a foundation of corporate activities. That’s why we want to spend most of our business hours comfortably at company.
For this reason, the communication should be much smooth in our company, especially among colleagues.

Be Comfortable!
Let’s accomplish our mission Comfortably and Triumphantly!
Come together to row out to boundless wonderful and thrilling ocean with colleagues boarding the same ship with fulfilled dreams, courtesy, sincerity and solicitude.

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Our company contributes to society through the creation of products and the training of skilled personnel, and our aim is to be the world’s number one company for happiness through products and services which move people and inspire dreams.

Management Principles

Employee Satisfaction Leads to Customer Admiration! Employee Satisfaction Leads to Customer Admiration!

Principles of Conduct

Three Rules of Self-Discipline 1. Is this an impolite action? 2. Is this a cowardly action? 3. Is this a foolish action?

Eight Rules of Strict Enforcement

  • 一 基本を守ろう!
  • 二 センスを磨こう!
  • 三 知力を蓄えよう!
  • 四 体力を鍛えよう!
  • 五 少年力を活かそう!
  • 六 変化に挑もう!
  • 七 ビジョンを語ろう!
  • 八 幸せを感じよう!

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