Profile of President

Profile of President

Name IWAMOTO SHINICHI/President Shinichi Iwamoto
Birth October 13th, 1960
Size 173cm 69kg
Blood type A
Educational Background

Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin Univ. Department of Economics
Majored in Economic Dynamics
Graduation Thesis: 『Japanese and American Managements』
Overseas Education: Holy Names College, California


Iwamoto Shinichi is the President of NEURON JAPAN CO.,LTD. since 2000.
He joined NEURON in 1989 with his brother, who is now the Senior Managing Director, and had hands-on experience in manufacturing, welding, assembling, and designing division.
Before joining this company, he worked for a CAD/CAM system group at a Japanese trading company and experienced handling machining center, plano-miller, wire-cutting machines, 5-axis LASER machines, and NC machines (3D/CAD-Operating and NC-Programing).

Particulars 1989:Entered this company together with my brother (now Senior Managing Director) and was responsible for manufacturing div. (welding, assembling, designing)

Motto ~Care for the “Love, Luck, Destiny, Obligation” which improves the power of humanity~

I wish to live my life by rewarding benefits I received with respects toward peoples, believing my strong lucky and thanking to good bonds with love. I want to raise my Total Leadership in the relationships with all of people such as my family, company staffs, customers whom I met through business, especially my relatives.

Management philosophy “A strong hand and a tranquil heart”~Management which combines “a strong hand” and “a tranquil heart”~

“鬼手” means “Demon’s hands”. “仏心” means “Buddha’s heart”.
“Demon’s hand” is profit supreme management that secures strong competitiveness by a tough decision and a thorough rationalization strategy and aims to expand and improve profitability, and “Buddha heart” is important to the customer and employee’s human heart. It is human-oriented management.
Seeing, however, the two are contradicting each other, I dare to say “Damon’s hand” should be prioritized than “Buddha”. I believe that the leader who cannot secure profits through the mission of sustainable prosperity of the company has no qualification to use “Buddha”.
On the contrary, the ultimate goal of corporate activities is obviously “Buddha”, that should be the management based on fostering the people. With this philosophy I am convinced that management should be to strive the ultimate harmony for both polarities, and to realize the primitive happiness of the human beings for our customers and staffs.

Ideology: Just Justice! Just Justice!

Fair evaluation on staffs all the more will end up the difference in their compensation. Also, it is more important NOT to overlook the good achievers rather than to miss the people who made mistake.

School of Thought: The “Announce and Enact” School.

It is not cooler than “Commitment and Engagement”, but I plunge me into “…have declared.”, then materialize it.

Ideology: The Ideology of “Human Frailty

Originally human beings are weak, not “good” or “evil”, I wish to take care trying to draw potential strength in the people.

More Detailed Information
People he Admires as Teachers Mentors Yoshimoto Ishizaki, Jyoji Fukamachi, Sumio Simoizumi, Konosuke Matsushita
Hobbies Movie going, Drinking Sake & Karaoke
Habits Morning bath
Family Resident in Ikoma city with wife and 3 daughters
Bad Habits Athrill Iinsomnia (Athrill sleep with new ideas in bed)

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