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Environmental Activities

Rooftop Planting

“Watering is all automated with RoboTech in accordance with the weather”, “Aside from the grass, it is all edible vegetable planting”…
Our rooftop planting is the first in Japan to use an “intelligent-control watering system”.
Because it performs the appropriate watering via robotic control based on weather forecast information and ground moisture measurement data, it is the subject of much attention as a ‘next generation rooftop planting’ which is able to grown plants and crops efficiently with less volume of water, including from the mass media.

Intelligent Vegetable Garden Zone Intelligent Tree Intelligent Lawn

Rain water reuse

Blessing of rainwater is stored in underground storage tank.
It is reused by a pump for circulation.


A solar power generation system(10kw)has been introduced since 2007.


For the purposes of environmental protection, and guaranteeing a living habitat for organic societies, we put in place a biotope, and are striving for the regeneration of endangered species.

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