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9mX9m Angled-style Expansion Joints

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We have set up a biotope within company grounds centered around the themes of environmental protection, guaranteeing a living habitat for organic societies, and symbiosis with nature. Centering around ponds, marshes and creeks, we will plant aquatic plants and trees which live in harmony with the surrounding environment, and allow it to grow into a space where various types of creatures such as insects and birds can gather.
Furthermore, the regeneration of the endangered gudgeon and Japanese bitterling through management of the biotope into the future is both a major issue and an objective, and we hope that that the biotope is able to contribute to and regenerate the local society, even if only in a minor way.
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Plants and Animals Inhabiting the Biotope

Japanese Bayberry, Konara oak, Japanese blue oak, Japanese maple, Machilus, Japanese dogwood, Japanese zelkova, bamboo-leaved oak, Japanese stone oak, sawtooth oak, Chinese silver grass, azalea, aquatic plants (reeds, bullrush varieties), floating plants (pond lily, willow varieties)
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