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The features of a Solar Cell

Solar cells are solar batteries (solar power transducers) which use the effects of photovoltaic power,
and directly converts solar energy into electricity.

● The solar cell’s energy source, the light of the sun,
is inexhaustible, colossal, and green energy.
● When a solar cell generates electricity it creates no waste or noise,
and is an extremely environmentally-friendly power-generation device.
● Solar cells have a long lifespan and do not require any special maintenance.
As long as they are in direct sunlight, solar cells can generate electricity anywhere.

[Annual Projected Electrical Generation Amount – Approx. 10,200kwh/year]
[Annual Carbon Dioxide Reduction Effect – Approx. 1,761kg-c/year]
[Annual Petroleum Reduction Effect – Approx. 2,315L/year]

Solar Power Generation System Connection Mechanism

The solar power generation system which converts the DC power generated by the solar cell into AC power using a power converter, and connects the power converter’s output to a retail electrical system, is known as the “system-interconnection model system”. In cases where power generation is minimal in relation to capacity, power is purchased from electricity companies, and in cases where power generated is greater than capacity, power is sold to electricity companies.

Indoor Display

On the TFT liquid crystal display inside the entrance to our company, readouts of the solar power generation system’s real-time generation conditions and mechanisms, and various information such as solutions to environmental problems etc. are provided in easy-to-understand ways via colorful displays.

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