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9mX9m Angled-style Expansion Joints

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Product Information

Products & Services

Taking advantage of the unique design and manufacturer of expansion joints technology accumulated over many years, such as pressure vessels and various special valves/dampers, we are taking a big leap as a total breakthrough manufacturer of total plumbing system.
On top of this, we are also focusing on the development of special pipes of extra-large diameter, long size or thinner materials.
In addition to our unsurpassed know-how dedicated to high-temperature, high-pressure, and ultra-high vacuum, we are aspiring broad market share with precise-piping technology.

Expansion Joints
Bellows Type <metal>

Expansion Joints
Non-metal Type [Fabric]


Large diameter Pipes

(High-alloy, Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel)

Flexible Tubes

<100% Titanium Type>

Teflon Tubes
and Bellows

<Metal-overlay Products>

(Large Diameter Valves)

Bulge Hydroforming Products
Special Pressure Vessels


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