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9mX9m Angled-style Expansion Joints

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Dampers (Large Diameter Valves)

Dampers are primarily used in fluid transportation pipes, and are used with the goal of controlling or blocking the flow of fluid. Our products can easily be made to suit pipes of various shapes and sizes, including those for environmental, chemical, steelworking plants etc.

Basic Type [WA-DB]

Double Dampers [WA-DW]


Fork Dampers [WA-DD]


Slide Gates [WA-DS]


Double-acting Type Control Dampers (for high temperatures)


Single-acting Type Control Dampers


Electrical Butterfly Valves


Pneumatic Control Type


Electrical Control Type


Manual-Lever Type

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Main Features

  • We can also supply Angled Type/Round Type/Special Shapes
  • We manufacture from Small Opening Diameter to Large Opening Diameter.
  • Usage temperature differs based on heat-resistant material, and castable thickness.

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