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9mX9m Angled-style Expansion Joints

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Product Information

Products & Services

Expansion Joints Bellows-Typemetal

Short-interface Type Expansion Joints
Synapse [IW800] Series
“Synapse” is a generic name for short-interface type expansion joints.
Perfect for lines where the installation length is limited.
Synapse 30-type [IW830] ”for 3MP”
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Expansion Joints Nonmetal-type Nonmetal-type Expansion Joints

Low-temperature Type
Low-temperature Type
Nonmetal-type Expansion Joints
 High-temperature Type
High-temperature Type
IW-F Series
Structure/Expansion Part Structure
Assembled-on-site Example

Nonmetal-type expansion joints absorb thermal expansion/vibration for many different pipes including environmental, chemical, in steelworking plants etc., and pipe dislocation can also be handled easily. As expansion parts are non-metal sheets, they have a low reaction force, and are perfect for absorbing displacement for a short time.

Large diameter Pipes

(High-alloy, Aluminum, Titanium, Stainless Steel)

Flexible Tubes

<100% Titanium Type>

Teflon Tubes
and Bellows

<Metal-overlay Products>
Special Long Type Flexible Tubes Teflon Tubes

Bulge Hydroforming Products, Special Pressure Vessels



Bulge Hydroforming Products

Stainless Steel

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