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9mX9m Angled-style Expansion Joints

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QUALITY policy

Bring about Customer Admiration by forever providing products and services which consider the optimal balance of quality and cost promptly and safely.

In our company, “SPEED” refers to...

  • No mistakes, incompetence or accidents despite a high workload
  • Simple is best - Perform tasks as simply as possible
  • The morning mindset is “Sharp”, the midday mindset is “Lazy”, the evening mindset it “Home-time”.
Complete 70% of the day’s work in the morning
  • When do I got to the toilet
  • How fast do I walk?
  • What am I doing when the bell goes to begin or end work?

In our company, “SAFETY” refers to...

  • First consider safety, then perform your job
  • Providing products and services whose safety can be relied upon
  • Who picks up rubbish?
  • Would I buy that [product or service]?

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