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9mX9m Angled-style Expansion Joints

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CEO Message for you~

Companies that are specialized for “one product corresponds to one order”, in other word, the small company of elite professionals like our company can be often compared to a single ship or a large fishing boat, in particular to a catcher boat.
Captain 【President】judges the signs of fish 【Business chance】, holds the megaphone, and instructs crews the speed and the direction. Crew 【Staffs】believes that and rows all together.
Immediately after the arrival at the fishing ground, the crews start fishing with their own favorite tools.
Some swing the fishing rods, and some have a harpoon (Mori), and others harl.
No one use fixed fishing net! Our business style is not like that.
It is clear that each personnel’s productivity directly links to the total number of catches 【Earnings】.

Our ship 【Company】 is NOT the ship that the captain remotely controls from land.
And the captain should never disembark the ship even if the ship sinks.

Who can deliver the letter to the “Garcia”, it is Rowan.

When you perform the MISSION 【Duties】, you may hit a brick sometimes a variety of wall. Or, if you go out one step further, intangible enemies and tasks stand in your way.
Even in such situation, I, however, believe our company will not blame any suffers or patients in the company to the wages of our staffs.
I think at least the internal environment, especially communication with colleagues, should be pleasant one.

BE COMFORTABLE! Let’s accomplish our mission Comfortably and Triumphantly!
I am always communicating with our colleagues boarding the same ship, with courtesy, sincerity and solicitude in “Speed and Safety” spirit.

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