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Quality Improvement Activities

Neuron’s quality improvement activities are the root of our employees’ aggressive work stance.
That is truly something to bring about “Customer Admiration” which surpasses “Customer Satisfaction”.
We start every day with radio calisthenics and the morning gathering, drawing from a yearly schedule and curriculum.
Within that, at the monthly improvement meeting attended by all employees, while proposals and awards go without saying,
we also bring to light causes both direct and indirect of non-compliance before all departments, and after thoroughly communicating it to everyone as a “battle training report”, take actions to prevent it reoccurring.


5S Activities
Organization: Manufacturing Area Pigeonhole
Clarifying display and contents
Arrangement: Received Materials by Color (Stainless steel), Received Materials by Color (Steel)
Prevent different materials being mixed in with others in advance
by dividing by color.
Cleaning/Neatness: Waste Sorting and Daily Cleaning
While dividing between flammable and non-flammable goes without saying, all staff take the lead in
cleaning inside the plant and around the building.
Diligence: Study Group
We regularly hold
educational training study groups.
Radio Calisthenics, Morning Gathering
<All Staff>

Radio Calisthenics, Morning Gathering <All Staff>

Executives M/Departments M
<Each Department>

Executives M/Departments M <Each Department>

Submitting Daily Work Report <Manufacturing Department>
Phones must ring no more than twice


“V” Home-time
Weekly Report Submission <All except Manufacturing Department>


Improvement Meeting <All Staff>

Improvement Meeting <All Staff>

[Improvement Proposals/Awards and Non-conformance Analysis]

Website Updates
Safety Patrol


Beginning of year, declaring resolutions 
Junior High Students/Manufacturing Experience Dojo

Junior High Students/Manufacturing Experience Dojo

Summer Holidays, Staff Trip, Family Events

Summer Holidays, Staff Trip, Family Events

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